On the interior walls of a typical temple will be mural paintings of Ramakien, the epic story derived from the Indian’s Ramayana.  This specific mural is a national heritage for it’s over 200 hundred years old.

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Thursday Doors

penang door

In the neck of my woods, Penang is known for a few things  – great street art, great street food and a UNESCO World Heritage city.  All of that were exciting, enticing and engaging a first time visitor like myself.  As I was exploring the island-city I became  enchanted with front doors of some of the heritage houses.

OWPC: Film


Sala Chaloem Thani or the Nang Loeng Cinema, is the original wooden cinema in Thailand.  Built in 1918, the cinema showed films for over 75 years until it’s closing in 1993.  It’s a landmark in the city’s cultural tour due to it’s proximity to Nang Loeng Market.

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My world


Thailand is slowly coming back to normal after the nation’s greatest loss. People of all walks of life and from every corner of the country (and the world) come to pay respects to the King.  And will continue to come to pay respect the the Great Monarch.  The Emerald Buddha Temple and the Grand Palace is closed to the public so the people can only put flowers and candle outside the Grand Palace wall.

Last Saturday, I didn’t intend to go down to the Palace, however, I was there. After taking walk on the Thonburi side, I have to take the ferry to cross the river.  It was my good fortune that I landed on the pier that is closest to the Grand Palace.  Even though I arrived after ‘singing of the royal anthem’ the crowd was still thick.

A steady stream of people laying flower and candles along the Palace wall, myself included.

Good Morning Mandalay


good morning mandalay

The marvelous white stupas of Sandamuni Paya at the foothills of Mandalay as well as the sprawling city of Mandalay as the background.  There is about 1,700 of the white stupas that surround the golden pagoda.

In response to 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10: Morning.