On the interior walls of a typical temple will be mural paintings of Ramakien, the epic story derived from the Indian’s Ramayana.  This specific mural is a national heritage for it’s over 200 hundred years old.

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Thursday Doors

penang door

In the neck of my woods, Penang is known for a few things  – great street art, great street food and a UNESCO World Heritage city.  All of that were exciting, enticing and engaging a first time visitor like myself.  As I was exploring the island-city I became  enchanted with front doors of some of the heritage houses.

CYW: Red


This door is mildly famous because it’s in Kudee Lane in the old Portuguese neighborhood behind the Santa Cruz Church.  It’s claim to fame is its brillant color and the Catholic motifs that dotted around the neighborhood.  Also, it’s opposite to a mixed Portuguese-Chinese styled house that has been transformed into small museum.  Behind the house it’s one of the oldest operation bakery still making egg sponge cakes that I so enjoyed as a child.

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CYW: Pink Sherbet


Little novice nuns from Myanmar with robes of feminine color.  Parents of young ordain their young daughters into monastery so they can have proper Buddhist education and safety the temple can offer.  This is more common in Myanmar than in Thailand.

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O is for


It’s Songkran, the Thai New Year.  In the morning there religious rites and prayers for those who are observance of the traditions.  Then the watering for the monks with flowered and perfumed (iced) water as this mother and child is performing to the monk.  After that, the water fights begin with people splashing water and wishing the best for the new year.

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CYW: Violet Red

violet red

Three little maids from school are we
Pert as a school-girl well can be
Filled to the brim with girlish glee
Three little maids from school

Gilbert & Sullivan – The Mikado

Three little maids in their hill-tribe attire.  Apologies, but I didn’t asked which hill-tribe they belonged to.

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