Color your World – Yellow Orange

mellow yellow
Color your World – Yellow Orange

This is the final color of Color your World challenge.  Thank you to Jennifer Nicole Wells for the challenge, it made me think of colors and things differently. Also get was great fun hunting the colors in everyday life.


Color your World – Wild Blue Yonder

loha prasat
Color your World – Wild Blue Yonder

The multi-tiered structure of Wat Ratchanadda or Loha Prasat, pointing up to the wild blue yonder sky.  This temple is also known as the ‘Metal Castle’ and it multi-tiered metal spires creates a pyramid like structure.  Only two other similar structures have existed in the in the world – one in India and the other in Sri Lanka – neither structure exists today.

Color your World – White

Color your World – White

This is Gothic-style masonry monument is located at Wat Ratchabophit in Royal Cemetery. The cemetery contains numerous members of the Thai Royal Family, particularly those closely related to King Chulalongkorn.