Photo 101 – Day 16: Treasure & Close-up

My first camera was a Kodak 110 camera.  It was a great camera for a ten year old who just wanted to point and shoot.  I really didn’t get serious with photography until I took my first photography class in high school.  Even then I always wanted to take pictures of people on the street and I didn’t want want them to know so I didn’t get close to my subject.

Fast forward many decades, my camera has zoom and also I did get a zoom lens with greater capability.  Still, I really don’t want to get close to my subject and I really don’t want to take pictures that everybody else is taking. Case in point, like this photo of other people getting close to the baby to take the picture.

close up
Photo 101 – Close up

However I got over my dislike of getting close to my subject.  I just have to go about it differently. Here is a box of lucky money they were selling for Chinese New Year.

lucky money
Photo 101 – Treasure