gawdawpalin bagan


Yesterday, Bagan experienced a powerful earthquake which damaged several of their ancient pagodas and temples.  I visited Bagan last month and discovered a beautiful ancient city.  Here is a photo of Gawpawpalin temple I capture last month and one of the temple  damaged by the quake.

Pagoda on Top

Cherry On Top

Bupaya pagoda2

Bupaya pagoda, located on the north end of Old Bagan, is one of the earliest monuments on the Bagan Plains.  It’s situated on the Irrawady river and is an Indian-styled stupa.  The original structure was made from brick and fell into the river in the 1975 earthquake.  Since then, it has been reconstructed in concrete and completely gilded.

Temple on Top

Cherry On Top

Thatbyinnyu Phaya2

Thatbyinnyu Pahto Temple, also known as the “the Omniscient” temple is highest temple in Bagan was built during the reign of King Sithu I (1113-1167).  Being one of the tallest structure in Bagan, it was a favorite for climbers for it’s vantage point.  Now, no one is allow to climb the temple.  The golden spire top is a landmark when entering Old Bagan.