kanom krok

Bang Kho Laem Photowalk #60g

kanom krok is a coconut dessert consisting of mixing rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk to form a batter like a pancake batter.  basically, they are are little half moon shaped cups made of a thin, crispy outer layer with a soft inner coconut layer.

In response to of maria antonia challenge: sweet

Lights out

20180602-01lidoold school

Bye, bye Lido Multiplex.  Opened for operations since 1968, this standalone cinema turned out the lights for the last time on 31 May 2018.  The movie theater played a pivotal role during my teen-age years for I probably had my first movie dates there.  For a certain generation, it was meeting spots for more than just a movie and popcorn.  Many tutoring schools and educational establishments were in the area, so it became the hub for adolescent trends and fashions.  If you want the latest in-things, you can find it at shops behind the theaters.  Now the lights is off and the marque is left blank,  . . .so bye, bye Lido, thanks for the memories.

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