Photo 101 – Big

I am stumped.  I’d been taking pictures of people and close-up of stuff that I didn’t have anything on a wide shot or a long shot. No time to go out and take new photos on the account that I have a full-time desk job.  So I have to dig in to my stockpile of photos and found a couple.

Photo 101 - Big
Photo 101 – Big

Taken in January 2010.  Just another tourist photo of the Sphinx and the Pyramid with my point and shoot camera and my point of view.

A while back I took an afternoon off to go down the road for an appointment and afterwards, I wandered around the neighborhood.  The yellow building is the former USSR embassy in Bangkok, now it’s a swanky restaurant and bar.  Behind the house is Maha Nakorn Tower, still under construction, will be the tallest building in the Bangkok’s skyline.  It will stand 77 storeys high, about 315 meters or 1,030 ft. high.  The other buildings are new office buildings that seem to pop-up in the area.  Now the former embassy is surrounded.

Photo 101 – Big