Photo 101 – Street

When people think of the street of Bangkok it’s usually notorious for heavy traffic.  That’s true. Luckily I am a BTS or skytrain person, so the street look like this.

Photo 101 – Street

Taken from the skywalk on Friday evening when the vendors are preparing for the evening crowd. It’s actually like this every work day evening.

Bonus photo.  I combined yesterday’s topic and today’s topic – Home & Street.  Many families live in row houses that utilize the street level for business and livelihood.

B&W home and street
Photo 101 – Home & Street

I went for a walk and discover my city

Last November I joined a photowalk with a group of photographer, mostly amateur and hobbyist like myself.  Always wanted to join this event however, there was always some kind of conflict with my schedule.  So, when the opportunity arise, I went on the photowalk to Bang Yee Ruea and discovered my city.


One of the photos along the way.  I think the children were just visiting the baby.  This photo was published in the group magazine which sparked the inspiration for this blog.