Good Morning Mandalay


good morning mandalay

The marvelous white stupas of Sandamuni Paya at the foothills of Mandalay as well as the sprawling city of Mandalay as the background.  There is about 1,700 of the white stupas that surround the golden pagoda.

In response to 52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 10: Morning.

Thursday Doors- 8 Sept




Atumashi Monastery (Maha Atulawaiyan Kyaungdawgyi), was originally built in 1857 by King Mindon, who had founded his new capital of Upper Burma at Mandalay just a few years earlier in 1855. It was considered one of Southeast Asia’s most magnificent buildings. The building and its entire contents burned down in 1890.  For years the monastery lay in ruins until the Burmese archaeological department reconstructed the building in the 1990s.



gawdawpalin bagan


Yesterday, Bagan experienced a powerful earthquake which damaged several of their ancient pagodas and temples.  I visited Bagan last month and discovered a beautiful ancient city.  Here is a photo of Gawpawpalin temple I capture last month and one of the temple  damaged by the quake.

Fun Foto Challenge: Legs and Feet

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Legs and Feet

cee's feet

Chauk-htat-gyi Buddha Temple in Yangon houses one of the most beautiful reclining Buddha. This Mon-styled Buddha image stands 65 meters long and 16 meters high is wearing a golden robe and is decorated with very expressive colors, white face, red lips, blue eye shadow, golden robe and red finger nails.  The soles of the feet contain 108 segments in red and gold colors that show images representing the 108 lakshanas or auspicious characteristics of the Buddha.




While descending the Mandalay Hills, I caught a snap of a couple.  This must be love because he was carrying her piggy back (not for long) so she didn’t have to walk the craggy steps in bare feet.

Yes, I have to walk the Mandalay Hills, up the eastern steps for about 100 m to the descending western steps, barefooted.  After the trek, I found out that there is an escalator that would take you to the summit.  I guess I have to return to Mandalay sometime in the future.