teeth (tēTH/) noun, 
plural form of tooth
a hard structure, embedded in the jaws of the mouth, that functions in chewing
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Narrow (IV)

chinatown night 2

A lonely street at night in Chinatown.  The area is becoming more interesting at night without the bustling activities and its people.  But looks can be deceiving because Chinatown is becoming alive with some bars and restaurants popping up.  You just have to know where to look.




While descending the Mandalay Hills, I caught a snap of a couple.  This must be love because he was carrying her piggy back (not for long) so she didn’t have to walk the craggy steps in bare feet.

Yes, I have to walk the Mandalay Hills, up the eastern steps for about 100 m to the descending western steps, barefooted.  After the trek, I found out that there is an escalator that would take you to the summit.  I guess I have to return to Mandalay sometime in the future.