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bou·gain·vil·le·a (bo͞oɡənˈvilēə,ˌbōɡənˈvilēə)
an ornamental climbing plant that is widely cultivated in the tropics that have insignificant flowers surrounded by brightly colored papery bracts that persist on the plant for a long time.
in response to city sonnet photo challenge: flowers



teeth (tēTH/) noun, 
plural form of tooth
a hard structure, embedded in the jaws of the mouth, that functions in chewing
In response to wp daily prompt: laughter

wp photo challenge: unlikely

Photo 101 – Weekend 3

The neighborhood has become an arty place especially for graffiti and murals.  Some pieces are permanent and some were painted over.  Here are some of my favorites.

art p1
Photo 101

art p2
Photo 101

art p5
Photo 101






These have been painted over.  Maybe in a few months they will paint other master pieces.

street face
Photo 101 – Street Art

pop bandita
Photo 101 – Street Art

street face 2
Photo 101 – Street Art