This is my last photo from 2018.  It’s the festival of lights around town, so I walked around town capturing the lights.

In response to to definitely dreaming challenge: something new.

Narrow (IV)

chinatown night 2

A lonely street at night in Chinatown.  The area is becoming more interesting at night without the bustling activities and its people.  But looks can be deceiving because Chinatown is becoming alive with some bars and restaurants popping up.  You just have to know where to look.

Photo 101- Day 17: Glass; Squared

Glass is very interesting.  You can see things very differently from glass. Then you can also see things clearly.

Photo 101 – Glass

Photo 101 – Glass






Reflections are even more interesting.  In response to the assignment today, I give you reflections.

Photo 101 – Reflections

Photo 101 – Reflections







Here is another take on reflection.

Photo 101

Photo 101







On the left side is the actual neon reindeer, while on the right side is the reflection of the same neon reindeer.