Photo 101 – Day 20: Contrast (Part Two)

Photo 101 – Contrast

In response to today’s assignment of contrast, two models in black and white.

Now that Blogging University – Photo 101 is coming to a close, I offer a thought that we are all triumphant in our endeavor to complete this course.  For myself, I’d enjoyed the comments, the photos , the artistic endeavors, imaginations of all the participants.  A parting word:

The little dissatisfaction

which every artist feels at the completion of a work

forms the germ of a new work. – Berthold Auerbach

So keep on imaging, keep on clicking, keep on blogging.  Enjoy.



Photo 101- Day 20: Triumph (Part One)

Photo 101 – Triumph

Life has meaning only in the struggle.

Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods.

So let us celebrate the struggle!  – Stevie Wonder

This little boy didn’t have a basketball so he used a soccer ball instead.  Eventually he did get one in. I watched him a for a few minutes until his friends took the soccer ball from him to kick around.

Photo 101 – Day 19: Double & Rotation

double lotus
Photo 101 – Double

This assignment of the Double Mint Gum commercial were everything was like seeing double.  So two lotus flowers in bloom.

Photo 101 – Double

Policemen patrolling the park. If we see two policemen, then are we doubly protected?

Photo 101 – Day 16: Treasure & Close-up

My first camera was a Kodak 110 camera.  It was a great camera for a ten year old who just wanted to point and shoot.  I really didn’t get serious with photography until I took my first photography class in high school.  Even then I always wanted to take pictures of people on the street and I didn’t want want them to know so I didn’t get close to my subject.

Fast forward many decades, my camera has zoom and also I did get a zoom lens with greater capability.  Still, I really don’t want to get close to my subject and I really don’t want to take pictures that everybody else is taking. Case in point, like this photo of other people getting close to the baby to take the picture.

close up
Photo 101 – Close up

However I got over my dislike of getting close to my subject.  I just have to go about it differently. Here is a box of lucky money they were selling for Chinese New Year.

lucky money
Photo 101 – Treasure

Photo 101- Day 17: Glass; Squared

Glass is very interesting.  You can see things very differently from glass. Then you can also see things clearly.

Photo 101 – Glass
Photo 101 – Glass






Reflections are even more interesting.  In response to the assignment today, I give you reflections.

Photo 101 – Reflections
Photo 101 – Reflections







Here is another take on reflection.

Photo 101
Photo 101







On the left side is the actual neon reindeer, while on the right side is the reflection of the same neon reindeer.

Photo 101 – Weekend 3

The neighborhood has become an arty place especially for graffiti and murals.  Some pieces are permanent and some were painted over.  Here are some of my favorites.

art p1
Photo 101
art p2
Photo 101
art p5
Photo 101






These have been painted over.  Maybe in a few months they will paint other master pieces.

street face
Photo 101 – Street Art
pop bandita
Photo 101 – Street Art
street face 2
Photo 101 – Street Art





Photo 101 – Day 15: Landscape & Cropping

In response to today’s assignment, I am posting photo of the landscape of Halong Bay, taken from the boat going into the bay itself.  The right photo is the original and uncropped while the left one is the cropped photo.

Halong original
Photo 101 – Hanlong Bay (uncropped)
Halong Crop
Photo 101 – Halong Bay (cropped)

Photo 101 – Day 13: Moment & Motion

Photo 101 – Moment & Motion

Every December, like every December that I can remember, the nation celebrates the King’s birthday.  The past year’s celebration they organized “Bike for Dad” led by HRH Crown Prince and it attracted huge crowds nation wide and some countries aboard.  Road along the routes were closed but for the bike riders and bystanders.  I didn’t participate but I did capture the moment in front of a major shopping mall.