Photo 101 – Weekend 2: Play with Light

Playing with light seem like a good exercise to do so I took pictures of the the view from my balcony – at break of light and last light and many more.  Some how it just looks the same – flat and boring – no dramatic change in lighting.

first light
Photo 101 – Break of dawn

last light
Photo 101 – Last Light







Weekends and after work its the time I spend taking walks with my camera, so I have some photos of sunsets in various locations around town.  Sometime I plan my walks and sometimes I just go where I want to go.  I’ll take my chances playing with light.

sunset over promphong
Sunset over midtown

Sunset over Chao Phraya River







sunset on giant swing
Sunset – Giant Swing

Democracy Monument








Photo 101 – Weekend Connect

Yesterday, I went on the monthly photowalk with the group of over 40 photographers.  We went to the 70 Rai Community near the Port Authority.  One can say that it was chaotic and some people did get lost and left the group somewhere along the route.  There were a few small groups that went rogue and went of on a tangent somehow managed to reconnect with the larger group.

70 Rai Community in Klong Toey, the community between the train tracks and the docks is “the largest and oldest area of ‘informal dwellings’ in Bangkok”. With many narrow alley ways that weaved in and out, the people were both startled and welcoming this group of ‘farang’ or foreign shutterbugs snapping away.  Admittedly, some of the shutterbugs acted as if they won the ticket to Willy Wonka Chocolate factory and went ga-ga which quite annoying.  At any rate, I am glad I went on this walk because I can liken it walking into a den of cobras or something similar, I wouldn’t dare go on my own.

Nearing the end of the walk, I went on a side street and found a group of besties playing. They saw my camera and start hamming it up.  And every time they looked at the LCD, they would cry out, “one more, one more.”

children 2
Photo 101

Photo 101children 3children1Photo 101Photo 101

We, – the children and myself – enjoyed our impromptu photo shoot.


Color your World – Granny Smith Apple

Color your World – Granny Smith Apple

Offerings to the Gods from the granny smith apple chairs.

I didn’t know there so many shades of green.  I am getting color-blind and crossed eyed because of all the green.