Color your World – Eggplant

Color your World – Eggplant

I went for a walk in Chinatown during the festivities for the Lunar New Year and had a grand time.  She saw my camera and tried to move away but I caught her anyway.  Love that color on her.  It’s unusual for see eggplant color of the Lunar New Year.





CY365 – Light(s)

The prompt is actually ‘Light’, but I took plenty of photos of the celebration of lights.

As part of the celebration of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 88th birthday this past December, the sidewalks of the avenues were lit with strings of lights for the people to enjoy.  Every year Rajdamneon Avenues are beautifully decorated flowers and lights to honor His Majesty.


Color your World – Blue

DSC_0662 Blue
Color your World – Blue

The carved door of the police in blue uniform of Wat Rachabophit, another temple commissioned by King Chulalongkorn, circa 1869.  Located near the Grand Palace, the temple has a unique circular layout and beautifully decorated with Chinese porcelain.  On the west end of the temple grounds is the Royal Cemetery, both major and minor members of the Royal Family, notably those in the direct family lineage of King Chulalongkorn.

I went for a walk and discover my city

Last November I joined a photowalk with a group of photographer, mostly amateur and hobbyist like myself.  Always wanted to join this event however, there was always some kind of conflict with my schedule.  So, when the opportunity arise, I went on the photowalk to Bang Yee Ruea and discovered my city.


One of the photos along the way.  I think the children were just visiting the baby.  This photo was published in the group magazine which sparked the inspiration for this blog.