CYW: Red


This door is mildly famous because it’s in Kudee Lane in the old Portuguese neighborhood behind the Santa Cruz Church.  It’s claim to fame is its brillant color and the Catholic motifs that dotted around the neighborhood.  Also, it’s opposite to a mixed Portuguese-Chinese styled house that has been transformed into small museum.  Behind the house it’s one of the oldest operation bakery still making egg sponge cakes that I so enjoyed as a child.

In response to Color Your World: Red and Thursday Doors.



WP Week 8 – Seasons

Living in the tropics, there is no clear distinctions between seasons.  It hot, hotter and damn hot days!  Only sunny days and rainy days – and the rainy season is while away. We’re moving into the summer- the really uncomfortably damn hot days.

A couple weeks ago was the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, essentially, it the spring festival.  Here are  three beauties celebrating the festival in their red cheongsam.


Look Choop

DSC_0342Colors – Complementary

‘Look Choop’ or Thai Mung Bean Marzipan are made from a mung bean paste shaped in miniature fruits or vegetables, painted in bright colors and then glazed with gelatin coating.  This dessert was once considered as ‘candy’ for the royal family members. Nowadays, it can be found in most upscale market and sometimes in a street market.