WP Challenge – Harmony

It was the closing of 2015 celebrations, these musicians entertained the passerby in the skywalk with Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons.  I can’t remember which season they were playing but it made me stop for a while and appreciated the music.

Photo 101 – Street

When people think of the street of Bangkok it’s usually notorious for heavy traffic.  That’s true. Luckily I am a BTS or skytrain person, so the street look like this.

Photo 101 – Street

Taken from the skywalk on Friday evening when the vendors are preparing for the evening crowd. It’s actually like this every work day evening.

Bonus photo.  I combined yesterday’s topic and today’s topic – Home & Street.  Many families live in row houses that utilize the street level for business and livelihood.

B&W home and street
Photo 101 – Home & Street