No need to adjust the monitor.  I snap the planes from inside the departure lounge (of Suvarnabhumi Airport) where there is a metal net covering the glass window.

The last time I travelled anywhere was last September.  The last time I went to places in my bucket list – Pagan and Mandalay in Myanmar – was last July.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have the opportunity to travel since then but that’s another story all together.

However, I am going to vacation the next ten days, starting with a nature hike in Kanchanaburi; then off to the island of Penang; and returning to the 100-year floating market in Samut Sakon.  And then the ultimate trip will be the family pilgrimage to the Philippines in December.  I guess the travel diet is over and I’m stuffing myself with wanderlust.

CYW: Gold


These Buddha images can be found in Wat Saket or the Temple of Golden Mount.  But you will not find them in the temple on top of the man-made mount but in one of the side building of the temple compound.

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Details (II)



Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda is one of the numerous pagodas in Yangon, however it is overlooked by many.  The pagoda is also known as the “five-storey Buddha”  for the seated Buddha image is housed in a pavilion with five-tiers hence the name Nga-Htat-Gyi Pagoda.  Also the Buddha is different from other images  for it’s has an amour around the upper body.


Looking up (IV)

Look Up

shwedagon darkest

Shwedagon Paagoda is a must for first time visitors to Yangon.  I’d been here 3 times or so and still marvel at it’s vastness and glory.  The 2,500 years pagoda consists of hundreds of colorful temples and stupahs within its grounds.  Foreigners and locals come to this magnificent pagoda to focus on religious and community activities so its always bustling with devotees and monks washing statues, offering flowers, worshiping and meditating.


Photo 101 – Day 15: Landscape & Cropping

In response to today’s assignment, I am posting photo of the landscape of Halong Bay, taken from the boat going into the bay itself.  The right photo is the original and uncropped while the left one is the cropped photo.

Halong original
Photo 101 – Hanlong Bay (uncropped)
Halong Crop
Photo 101 – Halong Bay (cropped)

Photo 101 – Big

I am stumped.  I’d been taking pictures of people and close-up of stuff that I didn’t have anything on a wide shot or a long shot. No time to go out and take new photos on the account that I have a full-time desk job.  So I have to dig in to my stockpile of photos and found a couple.

Photo 101 - Big
Photo 101 – Big

Taken in January 2010.  Just another tourist photo of the Sphinx and the Pyramid with my point and shoot camera and my point of view.

A while back I took an afternoon off to go down the road for an appointment and afterwards, I wandered around the neighborhood.  The yellow building is the former USSR embassy in Bangkok, now it’s a swanky restaurant and bar.  Behind the house is Maha Nakorn Tower, still under construction, will be the tallest building in the Bangkok’s skyline.  It will stand 77 storeys high, about 315 meters or 1,030 ft. high.  The other buildings are new office buildings that seem to pop-up in the area.  Now the former embassy is surrounded.

Photo 101 – Big